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Groundbreaking Ceremony Almacenajes Tumba Muerto

Almacenajes y Minidepósitos, a pioneer company in storage solutions in Panama with more than 30 years of experience, held the groundbreaking ceremony of its 11th branch on June 2nd, 2022.

Hectos Campos, Claudio Valencia, Marissa Valencia, Jorge Escudero, Abdiel García

This new branch seeks to serve residents and businesses in the area and expand the presence of the brand in the national territory.

Claudio Valencia, Marissa Valencia, Abdiel García, Almacenajes y Minidepósitos

Almacenajes offers the service of mini-warehouses with spaces ranging from 1 to 100 meters, in a fully air-conditioned building with large areas and loading and unloading facilities.

Claudio Valencia, Marissa Valencia, Abdiel García, Almacenajes y Minidepósitos, Jacqueline De Roux, Banco General, Hectos Campos

The use of mini-deposits has become the preferred alternative for all businesses that, due to the effects of the pandemic, have had to reduce their office and commercial spaces.

Claudio Valencia

Additionally, this trend has boomed in the residential sector, providing the opportunity for people to take better advantage of the spaces in their homes that are now used for home offices, small businesses, and other areas.

Claudio Valencia, CEO de Semah Group y Almacenajes y Minidepósitos

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