The Semah-Valencia Foundation is a non-profit civic association created in 2018. Our general objective is to support third-party initiatives that promote education and health in Panama, and to undertake our own initiatives for the improvement of living and housing conditions for the Panamanian community. Under guidance from the Semah-Valencia Foundation, Semah Group has carried out and supported philanthropic efforts in Panama.

Semah-Valencia Foundation Directors:
Lorena Valencia, Carlos Valencia (RIP), Mónica Valencia, Claudio Valencia and Marissa Valencia.

The core of our philanthropic mission is a fairer Panama with equitable
social development

The philanthropic goals of the
Semah-Valencia Foundation
are carried out through six channels:

  • Quality education

  • Accessible health care 

  • Meaningful employment that fulfills the needs of families

  • Adequate infrastructure

  • Proper housing

  • Access to art and culture for all

The Semah-Valencia Foundation supports the following initiatives:


About the Espacio Cívico Foundation:

The Espacio Cívico Foundation was founded and is managed by the Semah-Valencia Foundation. It seeks to empower citizens and promote transparency and accountability in public administration, providing access to information and tools to improve citizens’ participation.


Our philanthropic mission can only be carried out within the framework of a society that has strong and transparent institutions, with the participation of productive and committed citizens.