Semah Investments has been
the capital investment arm 
of Semah Group since 2000


We manage an investment portfolio in the financial, logistics and real estate sectors.

Several of our investments:

Capital Bank
Shelter Bay Marina
Optima Compañía de Seguros
Almacenajes minidepósitos
Richmond Global Ventures
Continental Realty Corporation

Our investment criteria follow the parameters listed below:

  • Investments managed by people with impeccable reputations and professional trajectories, with proven experience in their areas of responsibility.​

  • Investment structures that align managers with investors and are favorable to transparency and governability.

  • Business plans with a strong potential for growth, clear differentiators, and focused on innovation.

  • Venture capital and investment funds.

  • Industries: real estate, finance, logistics and services.

  • Geographical scope: Panama and the United States.

  • From $10 million to $100 million in sales, with at least $3 million of operating revenue.

  • Positive cash flow.

  • Solid and committed managerial teams.


Investments managed internally:

As an extension of its investment/management portfolio, Semah Investments has raised and handled capital in two investment clubs:

  • Semah-Vertical I, through the construction of 2,000 middle income housing units distributed among eight projects in the city of Panama.

  • Semah-Vertical II, which is in the process of developing and building 1,500 mid low income housing units distributed among five projects in Panama.


Our commitment lies in managing these funds with a high level of corporate governance and transparency through our administrative, accounting, compliance, and accountability capacities.