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A Humane Team

Fostering innovation, passion, and ambition.

Meet the Team

The Semah Group team has extensive experience in operations, engineering, technology, human resources, finance, banking, and investment management. Our expertise aids us in maintaining a diverse, collaborative, and fun work environment where we can thrive and foster innovation, passion, and ambition.

Claudio Valencia

CEO - Founder

Itza Santamaría


Hector Campos

General Manager of Hato Montaña Development

Jose Garcia Acedo
Jose Garcia Acedo
José García

COO - Partner

Adrian Thomas
Adrian Thomas
Adrian Thomas

Comercial Director of Haus

Ricardo Guerra

Manager of Semah Properties

Mariana Rodriguez
Mariana Rodriguez
Mariana Rodriguez

Project Coordinator of Hato Montaña Development

Eynar Guerra
Eynar Guerra
Eynar Guerra

Director of Construction

Back Office Manager of Haus

Partner Companies

Semah Group manages its partner companies' back-office services, establishing and managing their growth strategies, policies, and processes, while also raising and managing capital for business development.

Juanjo Boschetti

General Manager at Shelter Bay Marina

Abdiel García

General Manager of Almacenajes y

Jorge Escudero

Treasurer of Proyectos y Capitales

Hector Navarro

General Manager of Colinas de La Paz

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